Application FAQs

Please note Van Mildert carry out tenant referencing on our behalf.

Who will need to complete an application?
All applicants (including joint applicants and guarantors) will need to complete separate application forms. Both incomes will be taken into account when considering affordability.

What does the application process involve?

Employed Applicants
You will need to provide your National Insurance number and details of your employment, including a contact name and telephone number of someone who is able to verify the information by fax or email.   We will seek confirmation of your position within the company.

Type of Contract – ie permanent or temporary and contracted salary and whether this is subject to change in the near future.   We may also request payslips if your employer cannot confirm salary.

Usually we request three most recent monthly or six most recent weekly payslips. Affordability will only be awarded on payslips if there is no response from the employer.

As a guide, affordability ratios used to calculate affordability are:

– 2.5 x annual rent for tenants

– 3 x annual rent for guarantors

Joint applicants are usually considered equally responsible for the rent amount therefore affordability is calculated in this manner.

Self-Employed Applicants
You will need to provide three month’s personal bank statements and an accountant’s reference.  More statements can be provided should you wish to supply these.

Unemployed Applicants
It is advisable that you speak with the Council to find out what assistance you are entitled to, if any, and how much you are likely to be awarded on a monthly basis. In most cases we would request that a Guarantor is put in place for applications where the Tenant is not working and/or in receipt of benefits. Please contact our office to see if the property you are interested in is attainable bearing in mind your individual circumstances.

Note: Van Mildert cannot assess Housing Benefit and Maintenance income.

Student Applicants
We would recommend that in addition to your own application, you submit a Guarantor application, as it is likely that the affordability criteria will not be met.

Retired Applicants
You should supply proof of income/pension which can include three recent pension payslips or three recent bank statements. Also where applicable, proof of investment should be provided – this must be dated within the last 30 days.

Overseas Applicants
You should bring your passport and work permit along with your application and if you have been a resident in the UK for more than 6 months, a utility bill or bank statement.

Administration Fees may apply when renting a property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.  Please click here for information regarding fees.