Drone photography is the way forward

2nd August 2016

Technology is continuously advancing in all industries, and estate agency and agriculture are no exceptions.  The use of drones is on the rise, not only for precision farming, but in the effective marketing and selling of farms, agricultural land and larger residential properties.

H&H King and H&H Land and Property are always keen to embrace latest innovations and have been increasingly utilising drone technology over the last 12 months.

On the estate agency side…
A drone video of the exterior of a property set in beautiful countryside gives an incredible overview which simply isn’t possible from photographs taken from the ground.   Even houses which are relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint via the drone.   Historically this was an expensive option as only available from an aeroplane but now this service is both readily available and cost effective.

Andrew Low, Branch Manager at Penrith commented: “We believe a short video of a property will greatly increase its saleability and we are certainly receiving more and more enquiries for this additional service.  Not only does an aerial image give a better idea of the size of the property but it shows the extent of the land or gardens and best describes the overall plot for sale.”

On the farm side…
Until now, farmers, surveyors and potential buyers have had to rely on walking the land, and images taken through a manned aerial flight, to get a sense of the type of land and to identify boundaries, water courses and features of the land.  With the use of drones, it is possible to easily gather data from previously unreachable areas and display the farm accurately as a whole.

“The use of drones allows us to effectively display and present the whole farm, including areas which were previously inaccessible in a vehicle. For marketing purposes, we use both still and video visuals which has been captured by drones and the results are incredible.” says Tom Armstrong, Associate Director of H&H Land and Property.

“In the past we have relied on a camera attached to a pole which was fixed to the back of a vehicle, which did limit access.  We also used aerial shots from a small aeroplane, but the shots weren’t very detailed and you could only see roofs of buildings,” adds Tom.

Tom explains the benefits behind the use of drones when selling farms and land:  “We’ve been using drone technology increasingly to market land, farms and property.  The major benefit is that it gives buyers a much more accurate understanding of the land and buildings, with varied height perspective, than with previous aerial and satellite images, which often missed areas or were out of date.

“If you are considering selling, this is an option that is now offered as standard, and definitely helps to present a property in a different light if done properly and professionally. There are obviously rules and regulation about the use of drones which have to be complied with but the results can be spectacular and certainly are another useful tool in marketing a property.”

Agriculture is predicted to be one of the major industries to incorporate drone technology as precision farming drives the industry forward.  Land agents such as H&H Land and Property are now adopting the technology to improve the information available to prospective buyers. In addition farmers can employ drones to assess crop health with thermal imaging, monitor drainage, irrigation management and assess flood and storm damage for insurance purposes.

For further information on the estate agency side, contact Andrew Low on 01768 840619 or if your enquiry is agricultural related contact Tom Armstrong on 01228 406260.