Top Tips to Selling your House

20th July 2017

The prospect of selling your house can be daunting…especially if you are looking to buy another property at the same time. 

The decisions you make could save you or cost you many thousands of pounds.

Top 10 Tips to Selling Your House | How to make your house more valuable and sell faster:

  1. Front Door – Your front door is the centre piece of your kerb appeal. Repaint it in a tasteful colour.  Update the outside lights and put a pot plant on either side of the door.  Sweep the path to make sure it is clean and tidy.  The first impression of a client walking to the property is vital.
  1. First impressions do count so spend some time tidying up inside, especially the hallway. Remove any bulky furniture and consider having a rug.
  1. Ensure your house is clean. Cleanliness and tidiness must not be underestimated.  High impact rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom should sparkle on all surfaces, including floors.   A clean house will also have a fresh smell and be appealing.
  1. Finish all DIY jobs. Dripping taps, cracked tiles, holes in the wall, all will send the wrong message to potential buyers.  Removing grubby sealant, replace any damaged carpets, get all problems fixed.
  1. Eliminate clutter. Clutter does not sell houses.  It makes rooms appear smaller and disorganised.
  1. Smarten your house. Neutral colours won’t discourage any buyers.  It will allow them to put their stamp on hour house without moving first.
  1. Some people love pets, others hate them, some are allergic, so ensure on viewing they are out of the house to prevent one of the three happening.
  1. The wrong light will make your home feel dark and drab so ensure your home is bright and well lit.  Make it appear sunny, cheerful and up to date.
  1. Remove any unpleasant odours. Get rid of any unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke.  It is a real turn-off to potential buyers.
  1. Make sure your home is available to view. Nothing makes a potential buyer more irritable then not being able to view a house at their convenience.  Everyone understand daily routines but if your house is for sale make sure that it is available for viewing at a time any potential buyer wants to view.

Small steps individually, but together they can make a significant difference, and help sell your house…