Tips for Vendors

How you present your home for sale can have a huge impact on your success in selling it and it isn’t necessary to spend too much money on home improvements unless there is major work needed, just make your home look tidy and presentable.

Suggested tips before a viewing are:

  • Clean your house from top to bottom, including the skirting boards, the curtains and windows
  • De-clutter – this is the time to do it so you don’t have to take it to your new home! Remember the inside of your cupboards too so when a potential viewer opens the cupboard door, nothing falls out…
  • Ensure your house smells fresh – air your property as much as possible or use air fresheners. Put some coffee on for a homely feeling but remember strong smells such as incense sticks may be overpowering to some people so not always advisable

The kitchen is one of the main rooms which sells the house to potential buyers so ensure this area is spotless and open the windows for a while before the viewing to expel any fragrant cooking smells.

First impressions definitely count so ensure the front of your house looks well presented, give the front lawn a mow, make the driveway look neat and remove any weeds, add a splash of colour with a couple of pots of flowers, spruce up the front door, make sure the bell works and the letter box is shiny and clean.

Finally … make sure the overall garden is neat and tidy as this is also a big selling point for potential buyers.

Good luck!